Baptist College

Welcome to Baptist College of Bible Believers Mexico Pampanga (BCBBMP)

It is our desire to provide opportunities for students, who happen to be studying to be ministers, missionaries, etc. to minister to each other and influence the people around them.

Our aim for the students is to edify, challenge and provide ways for the students to come to know Christ intimately, be challenged to go deeper in their faith and provide ways for believers to share that faith with others on campus and in the community. We want BCBBMP to be the mixing bowl where students come together with their unique personalities, gifts, and ministry skills, to strengthen each other, while fine tuning our own abilities. We want to be many parts of the body of Christ working in harmony.


We offer a 3 year course for Pastoral Church Ministry. Our Bible college stands in the King James Bible, AV 1611 as the Final Authority. 

Pastor Carlos P. Nabata
BCBBMP Director